About Us

Guanacaste is one of the hottest and driest provinces in Costa Rica, resulting in overworked ACs exposed to dust in the dry season and intense humidity in the green season. At the same time, the quality of service in our province is lacking. GreenPro Air Conditioning opened in 2015 to meet the demand in Guanacaste for a professional HVAC company focused on high-quality installations and an honest repair service.

GreenPro is committed to providing the best customer experience possible. We focus on:

  • Quality – the best AC installs in Costa Rica! Our installs both look and work great!
  • Honesty – no hidden costs and no high-pressure sales tactics.
  • Affordability – providing exceptional service at an excellent price.
  • Green – we take steps to minimize the environmental impact of each of our services, including the use of biodegradable products, recycling old units and parts, and the installation of energy-efficient air conditioning units that are right for your space.

AC Maintenance

Pedro Cerna is the owner of GreenPro and head HVAC technician. He was trained in Canada to North American standards and has been involved in all facets of the HVAC industry for 5+ years. He personally handles every installation, maintenance and repair at GreenPro. Contact us today to discuss your AC needs!